The name Savitr is rooted in the origins of creation and it symbolizes, epitomizes, and glorifies the primal life giving and life sustaining force that permeates the entire universe. We have made a sincere, genuine and humble effort to capture the essence of this primal force. For us the essence translates to life giving and life sustaining solutions in the software services realm. Established in 1997, Savitr Software Services (P) Ltd has provided all encompassing software solutions to customers across the globe by successfully maneuvering the changing dynamics of offshore software development.

Savitr's operating philosophy and guidelines comprise simple, well defined and fundamental tenets.

Invest in thought

Understanding business process, identifying the right technology and mapping them innovatively is our perspective of a business service. Our secret to success has been out ability to listen, think, innovate and apply.

Value our reputation

We believe in providing quality work every time we do it. Our psyche has been geared to produce quality irrespective of the client and the cost. A good job goes a long way in giving us more clients and more importantly we have a reputation to protect.

Process oriented

For us process is about a structure and working within the structure to provide decisive, effective and quality works. We respect our processes and are well aware of their true worth.


In the knowledge industry rigidity is a curse, flexibility is a boon and innovation is evolution. Innovation permeates our organization and is not limited to technology.

Compact firm

We are a well coordinated team and work like a well-oiled machine. We work on a human scale and build long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our compactness provides us the needed room and flexibility to manage our future and independence. It also provides us a strong platform to safeguard our ethics and core values.

Value our people

We hire the best and create an environment that helps them learn and grow. We provide freedom to experiment and learn. We make Savitr an enjoyable place to work.

Learning company

We slip and slide on the learning curve and aspire to ride the crest of the knowledge wave. Being a fun loving company we make room in our day to explore and innovate. We follow our noses and learn and also teach.

Executive Profiles

Swaroop K. B.

Swaroop is the managing director of Savitr. He has a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering. Swaroop has been an entrepreneur for over fifteen years, and is known for his keen sense of humour and business acumen among his clients and friends. He is also heading Corrosion Matters, an Engineering Services company. Swaroop provides the necessary leadership and business direction to Savitr. An expert guitarist, Swaroop is a passionate Rock music fan.

Vikram Dintyala

Vikram Dintyala is the CEO of Savitr. Vikram has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication and a Master's Degree in Computing from University of Texas, Arlington. Vikram worked for over 7 years in Nortel as a Senior Member of Scientific Staff, before moving on to Savitr. Vikram provides the necessary direction and skills to take Savitr on a firm growth path. His other interests include amateur astronomy and Indian philosophy.

Raghava Akshintala

Raghava Akshintala is a co-founder and CTO of Savitr. Raghava has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication and a Masters Degree in Mathematics & Computing from Ohio University. Raghava has the experience of working on large databases for companies like Home Depot and AT&T. An avid Linux and open source enthusiast, Raghava provides Savitr the research support in terms of providing new insights into technology breakthroughs and technology direction. His interests include Vedic grammar research support, Sanskrit language and Vedas.